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Headmaster's Message

Thank you for visiting the website and as you browse through you will be delighted to see how the School is flourishing.

Government High School Kallowal is an institution born out of an overwhelming urge to supplement in a small & humble way - the magnificent transformation of 'Human Quality' . The aim is to help students lead successful yet PURPOSEFUL LIVES!. The effort is to ingrain in them timeless values through the Best Education System. 'Education without Character is not only useless but positively dangerous",Goverment High school Kallowal thus strives to inculcate in each of the students, the values of Faith, Compassion, Gratitude, Tolerance, Humility, Scholarship, Sharing & Service. The staff, most of whom are themselves fortunate to have been exposed to the world class System of Education, are sparing no efforts to be true Gurus in the best of Indian traditions and developing students into citizens of the world.

We want our school to be a place where your voice is heard and you see a bright future of your child. If you have ideas, thoughts or concerns you would like to share, we would love to hear about them. You are always welcome to come into the school at any time.

"We encourage each child to give their very best in an attempt to realise their dreams."

Amrik Singh
GHS Kallowal (Hoshiarpur)

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